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Umana Vita

Monitoring glucose levels has never been so easy.

umana vita system

A revolution in telemedicine.

Our system Umana Vita represents a revolution in telemedicine. The system allows the continuous glucose monitoring, estimating the glycemic levels in a non-invasive way, with no need of blood samples, and notifying the user in case of hypoglycaemic and hyperglycaemic levels. The sensor is applied on the chest, like a plaster, so it can be covered by the clothes, without being noticeable. After the application, Umana Vita requires a simple initial calibration, using a traditional glucose meter.

The product is under certification.
Umana Vita Sensor

A second skin...

Ultrathin, flexible and non-invasive: you will forget you are wearing it

Highly-comfortable, even for the most sensitive skins

You can follow your daily routine with no issues

Needle-free: it does not require the use of needles for a measurement

Each sensor can last 3 days and is easy to apply

Waterproof: it allows you to take a shower while wearing it

umana vita app

Everything under control from your smartphone.

The Umana Vita App allows the user to check their glucose levels in real time and notifies them in case of detected high or low glycaemic levels. The user can also keep track of the calories intake and consumed meals, of their physical activity, of the prescribed medicines, so that they can get useful information about their life-style. Data are uploaded to a server and can be exported and easily shared with doctors. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

App functionalities

Displays the glucose levels in real time

Keeps track of the calories intake and consumed meals

Monitors the physical activity and prescribed medicines


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