UMANA T1 replaces invasive and cumbersome systems with a comfortable, secure, and accurate patient monitoring method that is complemented by a secure Mobile App, online Control Centers and offline data analysis software.


The Ecosystem

Umana T1 is a comprehensive vital sign monitoring platform that helps to bridge the gap between doctors and patients, whether in hospital or at home. With Umana T1, a medical professional can accurately and continuously monitor the patient's core vital signs with a wearable and non-invasive solution that delivers better quality data for analysis, and can therefore enable the doctor to make more informed decisions.


Tattoo Sensor Technology

The ultra-thin design and high sensitivity of our nanomaterial tattoo sensors ensures the accuracy and high quality of the data collected. They act like a second skin, dispensing of the need for bulky and irritating skin patches.

Our innovation roadmap

Heart Monitor Tattoo Sensor

Our first Tattoo Sensor offering records ECG and other physiological parameters, can detect falls and physical activity, and integrates with software and hardware to make monitoring efficient.

Muscle Activity Tattoo Sensor

We are developing sensors for monitoring muscle activity to be used in cases such as muscle degradation or strain injuries which will be aimed at physiotherapists and their patients as well as for sports activities.

Brain Activity Tattoo Sensor

Ongoing development on ECG Tattoo Sensors that detect brain activity with a high level of accuracy that can be used to monitor patients with neurological conditions or for research purposes.

Sweat Analysis Tattoo Sensor

We are pioneering a non-invasive method for analysing the changing hormonal, electrical and chemical biomarkers within the body through sweat.

Software for Users and Medical Professionals

Market Overview