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At Umana Medical, we develop medical technologies aimed at the monitoring of critical vital signs. Our flagship technology is the “Smarter Skin Technology”, a nanopolymer sensor that forms an integral part of our commercially available Umana T1 system.

Our products help medical professionals work more closely with their patients by providing sophisticated methods of monitoring, analysing and sharing long-term vital signs data in the fields of Cardiology , Diabetes , Telemedicine and whenever a single person or group of people require constant telemonitoring. At Umana we also conduct and publish research together with international Universities, medical institutions and top pharmaceutical companies, making us a pioneer in answering the growing demand for vital signs monitoring medical devices. Umana Medical has proudly joined the Multinational GPI Group as of 2020 , operating across a number of territories covering Europe , Asia , Australia , Africa , Middle East , Latin America and USA.


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