T1 recieves great feedback at Intelligent Health

It was a week of hard work and commitment from our team as we travelled to Basel to participate in the international summit ‘Intelligent Health’ – the world’s leading summit in medical Artificial Intelligence. Umana’s CEO and co-founder Dr Adrian Attard Trevisan delivereda tech talk on Thursday in which he focused on some AI methodologies that the company is currently implementing.Our team had also the opportunity to exhibit the amazing Umana T1 eco system.

From Basel, our CEO said that “the feedback was overwhelming and especially appreciated since we had interest from veterans in the field”.  The summit brought together 7,000 delegates from various fields related to health. Umana is introducing the revolutionary T1 Heart Monitor as its flagship product. This monitor is an unobtrusive remote monitoring system that gathers vital data through the high-tech skin sensor called Smarter Skin.

This Heart Monitor, through the Smarter Skin sensor (very similar to a temporary tattoo), delivers real-time and continuous data measurement and analysis of a number of heart-related activities. The T1 was launched and displayed for the first time in public during the HIMSS conference in Barcelona in May 2018, and even there, an overwhelming amount of support was very evident. This Heart Monitor is being launched through Umana’s partners in Portugal, UK, Italy, Malta and Turkey. Further market entry in EU, Middle East and Asia will come about in the coming months based on ongoing discussions.

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