Smart Tattoo Sensors poised to revolutionise continuous Vital Signs Monitoring

Company Press Release, April 24, 2018

The measurement of vital signs is critical for medical professionals to be able to assess the general health of patients and detect any possible health deterioration as early as possible. However, standard Holter devices are bulky and uncomfortable for the patient while providing only a snapshot of limited information during the brief time they are worn.

Umana T1 is a new clinical grade solution which addresses these challenges directly by using ground-breaking tattoo sensors made from an almost imperceptible clear film with conductive sensors. Having launched an independent clinical trial with 2000 patients at the national hospital in Malta and working on collaborative projects in Portugal and the United Kingdom, the Umana T1 Heart Monitor will be launched across Europe in May 2018.

Commenting on this innovation, Dr Samuel Meilak, who is coordinating the trial, notes that “our cardiology staff are excited about what the Umana T1 means for our profession and our patients. Finally, we are able to accurately collect and monitor patients’ important medical data without interfering with their day to day activities. The ease of access, coupled with the data analysis capabilities are complete game changers.”

Once the tattoo is applied, a small lightweight device is attached to store and analyse a stream of accurate real-time vital signs such as ECG data as well other vital parameters such as respiration rate. These are than shared directly with a trusted medical professional. This user-friendly setup is completed with an ecosystem of medical software, a smartphone application, online dashboards, data-analysis algorithms, online and offline data access.

Umana Co-Founder & CEO Dr Adrian Attard Trevisan elaborates: “The tattoo sensors represent a giant leap forward for how vital signs can be continuously monitored, but we went even further, creating a comprehensive digital data storage and processing infrastructure to allow medical professionals to get an unprecedented in-depth view and analysis of the patient’s status.”

Umana Medical heads to Barcelona for Health 2.0 Europe 2018

Key members of the Umana team will be attending the HIMSS Conference in Barcelona between the 27 and 29th of May, Europe’s largest event bringing together all stakeholders in the digital health sector, from policy makers, researchers, entrepreneurs, medical health professionals and representative of Primary Health Institutions or hospitals. Such visitors to the conference will have the opportunity to meet the Umana team who will be happy to discuss the ways in which implementation of Umana T1 ensures better quality patient care and will also be exploring potential research collaborations in further developing non-invasive methods for collecting, monitoring and analysing long-term vital parameters.